About Us

Over 25 years of recruiting experience in the insurance industry, and thousands of successful placements, we have a strong network of candidates and contacts for you. We know the "players" top five percent employed by your competitors.

When Daher & Associates Insurance Search Specialist began in 1989, our goal was to operate on a level of professionalism commensurate with that of the companies we work for. We strive to be a business partner, a resource our clients can turn to with confidence to fill key positions in their companies. Based on our repeat business rate (more than 70 percent of our assignments come from existing clients), we have proven that we are a trustworthy partner.



In today's fast-changing, highly competitive business world, proven experienced professionals are in greater demand than ever. Yet, in almost every industry, a shortage of highly qualified people has led to unprecedented hiring competition. It's hard to recruit good people, hard to attract them, and hard to retain them. That's why more and more companies turn to Daher & Associates for help. Our success rate in finding qualified, compatible candidates for our clients is the reason we are now one of the largest insurance recruiting firms in a single location in the country.